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About the Library

Code of Conduct

The following behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable in the Daemen College Library:

  1. Removing or attempting to remove library materials or equipment without proper checkout.

  2. Mutilating, defacing or otherwise damaging library materials by marking, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding or removing electronic theft devices.

  3. Drinking from uncovered containers.

  4. Smoking

  5. Concealing or "stashing" library materials for exclusive use of an individual or group.

  6. Using computers to view materials that create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working/learning environment.

  7. Making excessive noise, including conversations or the use of audio devices, in such a manner that others are disturbed. EXCEPTION: Low volume group conversation and audio devices may be used in the Information Commons, Study Bridge, and all Group Study Rooms.

  8. Failure to adhere to copyright laws.

  9. Any incident of verbal or physical abuse or harassment of library patrons or library staff.

  10. Vandalizing or defacing the building, furniture or equipment.

  11. Maliciously accessing, altering, deleting, damaging or destroying any computer equipment, program or data.

  12. Causing a disturbance - "horsing around" - which interferes with the functioning of the library or causes an unsafe environment.

  13. Relocating library equipment without permission of library staff.

  14. Posting, displaying, or distributing any materials, such as notices, advertisements, brochures or newspapers in the library without prior approval of the Head Librarian.

  15. Loitering in staff areas.

  16. Using the telephone or computer in any staff office without authorization.


  1. Being asked to refrain from the prohibited activity.

  2. Being asked to leave the library premises.

  3. Suspension or loss of library privileges.

  4. Referral to the campus disciplinary process.

  5. Criminal prosecution.