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Finding Print Books and Ebooks

Use the Books & Media tab within the search box on the library homepage to search for books and eBooks. You can search by Keyword, Subject, Title, Author, or Call Number.

Books vs. Journal Articles

Books and journal articles make up the core secondary sources you will use for your research.

Scholarly books (or monographs)

  • Cover topics more comprehensively than journal articles
  • Topic tends to be larger or more broad in nature
  • Bibliographic sources are often a few years old by the time a book is released.
  • Journal articles

  • Focus on topics that are narrower in scope
  • Often relate to new or trending areas of study
  • Reference more current bibliographic sources
  • Searching using Subject Headings

    When you search for library materials, you are given the option to conduct a "Subject" search. But what are you actually searching through? When books are cataloged by librarians, they are assigned subject headings from a specific and controlled set of terms (often referred to as a vocabulary), with the most common being Library of Congress Subject Headings. If you search using these subject headings, you will receive more specific search results that are directly linked to the search you conducted.

    Searching by subject heading can be difficult if you don't know what the exact subject heading is. If you are unsure, it is often best to start with a keyword search, find relevant materials, and see what subject heading(s) have been attached to the item record. You can also search through Library of Congress Subject Headings online.

    Locating a Book: Call Numbers Explained

    Having difficultly locating a book in the library? Check out our short Library of Congress Call Numbers guide.