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Interlibrary Loan is an essential research tool that allows you to request books and articles from other institutions for free.

ILL takes time. Make your requests early.

Using Interlibrary Loan

1. When you have located an item that is not carried in a database, instead of seeing a PDF link, you will instead see a link that says Search Daemen for Full Text, as seen below

2. When you click this link, it will sweep every full text database to which Daemen has access to see if it exists elsewhere, such as ScienceDirect.  If we have access, you will be taken to the article.

3. If we do not carry that title in full text, the resultant page will give you an option to Request the item through Tipasa Interlibrary Loan

4. When you click the button, you will be taken to Tipasa ILL where the form will be filled out for you.  All you need to do is submit your request.

5. You will receive an email or text message (based on your notification preferences) when your article arrives, along with a link to retrieve your PDF.