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Why You Need Database Accounts

Database Accounts allow you to:

  • Save preferences
  • Organize your research with folders
  • Share your folders with others
  • View others' folders
  • Save and retrieve your search history
  • Create email alerts and/or RSS feeds
  • Gain access to your saved research remotely

If you love an article you find online in the RIC's computer lab, you can save it to a folder, drive home, and read it at your leisure without having to print.

A MyEBSCO account covers ALL EBSCO products, including research databases like CINAHL and the EBSCO eBook collection.

Similarly, a ProQuest account is shared across all ProQuest products including research databases and eBook Central.

Create Accounts

  1. Log in to an EBSCOhost database, such as CINAHL.
  2. Click the link above to login to a database and locate Sign-In link at the top of the pageMyEBSCO
  3. Click the Create a New Account link.
  4. Fill out the resultant form.
  5. We recommend using your MyDaemen credentials
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Once you have successfully created your account and logged in, the EBSCO logo will change to reflect that.

ProQuest Sign In

  1. Login to a ProQuest Database
  2. Locate and click the Sign into My Research link in the upper right corner.
  3. On the right hand side of the page, you will see an option to create an account.
  4. Fill out the resultant form and click Create Account.
  5. You will be taken to your personal account where you can begin to set preferences and create folders to organize your research.
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