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When Should I Cite?

We should cite whenever we have directly quoted or paraphrased the work of someone else.  You should also cite a source if you are including an image, chart or graph that in not originally yours.  In college and always, citing is greatly encouraged whenever you are writing a research paper.

All About the Resources

While we provide links for access, we strongly caution students new to citations against using citation generators such as Zotero, MS Word Bibliography Manager, KnightCite & BibMe.  Anybody wishing to use these tools should be aware that any user errors, including mistakes in capitalization or spelling, will be carried over into the citation output.   For this reason, it is important to:

  1. Be familiar with the citation format that is required in your assignment
  2. Input all information carefully and accurately
  3. Carefully proofread all citations that the software outputs.

Resources like the OWL at Purdue will help to familiarize you with citation styles by showing formatting and examples.  The Daemen Reference Department believes the OWL is the #1 citation resource available.  After some time, you will begin to recognize the patterns associated with the different citation styles.

Bibliographic Management and Citation Generators