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Quality in Distance Education Committee

This guide is created to assist the Quality in Distance Education Committee to find research that informs practice. The research areas are the eight key area of the Quality Matters Rubric.

Research areas based on Standards from the QM Higher Education Rubric, 5th ed.

  • Course Overview and/or Introduction
    • purpose and structure of the course
    • prerequisites, expectations, and netiquette
    • introductions of learners and instructors 
  • Learning objectives
    • learning competencies and outcomes
  • Assessment and Measurement
    • grading and grading policies
  • Instructional materials
    • all materials used in the course
    • how materials will be used and purpose
  • Course Activities and Learner Interaction
    • course activities are tied to course competencies and outcomes
    • learner interaction with instructor and other learners in the course 
  • Course Technology
    • learning tools and learner engagement
    • technology supports objectives and competencies
  • Learner support
    • technical support and how to obtain it
    • institutional accessibility policies and services
  • Accessibility and Usability
    • course navigation 
    • accessibility of all technologies
    • alternative access to course materials
  • Learning Outcomes

    Online Learning Efficacy Research Database

    This database is a searchable resource of academic studies on the learning outcomes of online and/or hybrid education in comparison to face-to-face environments.