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Requesting Materials


Requesting Books (monographs) and Audio-Visual Materials

The Daemen College Library adheres to the Daemen College Collection Development Policy whenever considering new and replacement materials.  The Collection Development policy is also consulted during deselection practices. 

Either of four methods may be used to request new book and AV materials:

You can either:

  1. Obtain the print Materials Request Form at the Acquisitions Department (RIC 312).  Fill out and initial the form for each title requested and return it to the library.  If a catalog or brochure is available, please attach Request Forms and return everything to the library
  2. Fill out an Electronic copy of the Materials Request Form through the Materials Request Form Page.
  3. CHOICE Review cards may be initialed by the requestor and returned to the library.  There is no need to complete a “Library Materials Request Form” when using a CHOICE review card.
  4. You can use Choice Reviews Online as an alternative to the cards.  Instructions for setting up your CHOICE account can be found within the last tab of this box.

Requesting Serial Subscriptions (journals, magazines, or yearbooks)

Fill out a “Serials Request Form” (as seen below).  Subscription to a serial title represents a continuing financial encumbrance upon Library funds for an indefinite period of time.  Therefore, following the Collection Development Policy guidelines, the evaluation of prospective serial titles is undertaken with great care.

Requests for library materials must conform to the Collection Development Policy.  

Budget Reports are sent monthly to members of the Library Committee detailing funds available for the purchase of library materials.

Serials Request Form