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Research Basics

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Using Media

Media items can be a valuable source of information for many topics. Films, interviews, news reports, radio broadcasts, and historic images may provide a deeper explanation into your topic than an article, or they may cover a unique perspective of an issue that you hadn't seen before. Educational films tend to qualify as scholarly resources, but most news and radio broadcasts would be considered general, popular sources. Consult your assignments' directions to ensure you are able to use media items as for your project.

Physical Media

Daemen College Library has a variety of physical and electronic media items. Some are scholarly sources, while other are popular films.

In the library catalog, physical media will have a location listed - Library Audiovisual - and a call number.

Items are located on the 1st floor of the RIC, near the reference book collection.

Streaming Media

Many media titles are available from Seminole State library through streamed access, primarily through the Kanopy database. Kanopy's streaming service includes documentaries, educational films, foreign films, and classics from the Criterion Collection.

In the library catalog, streaming media is denoted as eVideo, though you'll sometimes see it listed as DVD Video is the item is also available in a physical format.