Swank Digital Campus exclusively partners with many of the top studios to offer a streaming library of over 25,000 feature films, documentaries, foreign films, and TV episodes.

Benefits of Swank:

  • Huge database of major motion pictures
  • Provides a legal source for academic use
  • Semester-long access to requested titles
  • Videos can be embedded or linked to directly within Blackboard

How to Request Titles

  • Before making a request, browse the Swank catalog to see if a title is available.
  • To request a title, go to Swank Digital Campus, click the 'Sign in' button, and then create an Instructor Account.
  • Once your Instructor Account has been created, you can browse the entire Swank catalog and request titles for your course.
  • Have any questions? Please contact jdise@daemen.edu
  • Use & Copyright

    Titles in Swank can only be requested by instructors for in a specific academic course. In order for the copyrighted materials to be used in your course, it must be the following guidelines:

    • The use must be part of mediated instructional activities.
    • The use must be limited to only students enrolled in a specific class.
    • The use must either be for synchronous or asynchronous class sessions.

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