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Information Literacy Tutorials

Librarian-made modules that can be added directly to Blackboard.

About the Tutorials

Information Literacy tutorials are interactive, librarian-designed modules that can easily be integrated into your Blackboard course content to help your students learn and understand basic concepts in information access, navigation, and use. Aimed at first-year students, the complete curriculum consists of five modules (units) that can be used together (recommended) or individually to suit the needs of your course and students.

Units & Lessons

See below for a list of available modules (units) and the included lessons for each. Click on the title of each unit to view a preview of the tutorial.

Unit 1: Getting Started
(SCORM download | Web preview)
  • What is Research?
  • Choosing a Topic
  • The Research Question(s)
  • Primary and Secondary Sources
Unit 2: Types of Sources
(SCORM download | Web preview)
  • Types of Information Sources
  • Popular vs Academic Sources
  • The Information Life Cycle
Unit 3: Finding Sources
(SCORM download | Web preview)
  • The Open Web vs. Daemen Resources
  • Where to Look: Daemen Resources
  • Database Search Strategies
Unit 4: Evaluating Sources
(SCORM download | Web preview)
  • Criteria
  • How to Read a Scholarly Articles
  • Advanced: Mining a Source
Unit 5: Using Sources
(SCORM download | Web preview)
  • Justifying Your Choices
  • Scholarship as Conversation
  • Other People's Words
  • Citing Sources

Adding Modules to Blackboard

Information Literacy tutorials were built using Articulate 360 software and are designed to be added directly into your Blackboard course content as SCORM packages. These packages (zip files) can be downloaded using the 'SCORM download' links located beneath the unit titles above. Once downloaded, the tutorials can be added to your Blackboard course as a graded assignment (complete/incomplete), making it easy to track who has (and hasn't) completed the tutorial.

For instructions on how to upload and configure SCORM packages into Blackboard, please use the links below.

For questions or assistance uploading the tutorials into your Blackboard course, please contact