LibKey Nomad is a web browser extension that helps connect you to full-text articles available through the Daemen library when viewing content directly on publisher's websites or online resources such as PubMed.

Benefits of LibKey Nomad:

  • Provides one-click access to full-text articles available through library resources
  • Uses Unpaywall and other sources to deliver open access articles
  • Links to Interlibrary Loan to request articles not available through our subscriptions
  • Uses Daemen's standard authentication method so no credentials are cached in your browser

Download LibKey Nomad

How to Use LibKey Nomad

Use the link above to download and install the extension, which is available for Chromium-based browsers (such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and Firefox. During the installation process, you'll be asked to identify your institution; simply search for and select Daemen.

Publisher pages

If you use Google or Google Scholar, you'll often be directed to publisher's pages when searching for articles, but since you did not go through the library's links for theses services, you haven't been authenticated and you'll be asked to pay to access the article. With LibKey Nomad installed, you'll see a popup that will authenticate you to allow access.


On PubMed, you'll see links to articles and PDFs directly on the search results page. You'll also get links to view all the articles in a journal issue through BrowZine.

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