General Format & Notes

Author, A. A., Author B. B., & Author, C. C. (year or date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), page range. doi:xxxx.xxxxxxxx or

  • Include the DOI if one as been assigned to the article.
  • If no DOI is assigned and the article was retrieved online, then provide a URL that links to the home page of the periodical (regardless of where you actually retrieved the article). Use this format:
    Retrieved from
  • If the page numbers for a journal begin on page 1 in the first issue of a volume and continue through subsequent issues, APA style doesn't require that the issue number be included in the reference.

Journal Articles

Article in Journal (with DOI)

Wooldridge, M.B., & Shapka, J. (2012). Playing with technology: Mother-toddler interaction scores lower during play with electronic toys. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 33(5), 211-218.

Article in Journal, Accessed Online (No DOI Available)

Smyth, A. M., Parker, A. L., & Pease, D. L. (2002). A study of enjoyment of peas. Journal of Abnormal Eating, 8(3), 120-125. Retrieved from

Magazine Articles

Article in Magazine

Henry, W. A., III. (1990, April 9). Making the grade in today's schools. Time, 135, 28-31.

Article in Magazine, Accessed Online

Clay, R. (2008, June). Science vs. ideology: Psychologists fight back about the misuse of research. Monitor on Psychology, 39(6). Retrieved from

Newspaper Articles

For newspaper references, p. or pp. precedes page numbers. Single pages take p. (e.g., p. B2), while multiple pages take pp. (e.g., pp. B2, B4 or pp. C1, C3-C4).

Article in Printed Newspaper

Schwartz, J. (1993, September 30). Obesity affects economic, social status. The Washington Post, pp. A1, A4-A5.

Article in Newspaper, Accessed Online

Brody, J. E. (2007, December 11). Mental reserves keep brain agile. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Review Articles

References to review articles, such as book reviews, are formatted in the same way as any other article for that type of periodical, with the only exception being the title of the review. For the title of the review, use the following format:
Title of article [Review of the book Title of Book, by D. D. Author & E. E. Author].

Review Article in Journal

Baumeister, R. F. (1993). Exposing the self-knowledge myth [Review of the book The self-knower: A hero under control, by R. A. Wicklund & M. Eckert]. Contemporary Psychology, 38, 466-467.

Review Article in Newspaper, Accessed Online

Zacharek, S. (2008, April 27). Natural women [Review of the book Girls like us, by S. Weller]. The New York Times. Retrieved from -t.html?pagewanted=2