Finding Articles by Nurses

Finding Articles with Nurse as Author

For your class, you may be asked to find articles written by nurses. The easiest way to find articles written by nurses (or where at least on of the authors is a nurse) is to use the CINAHL database and following the steps below.

Step 1: Go to CINAHL

Navigate to the CINAHL database.

Step 2: Check the "Any Author is Nurse" Box

From the CINAHL homepage, scroll down to find the "Any Author is a Nurse" and "First Author is Nurse" limiters.

Check the First Author is Nurse limiter is you want the main author of the article to be a nurse, or click the Any Author is a Nurse box if you want articles where at least one of the authors is a nurse, but not necessarily the main author.

Step 3: Search!

Now you can go ahead and add your search terms to the boxes at the top of the page and all results will have a nurse as the main author or as one of the authors (depending on which limiter box you selected). And that's it!