What is a Call Number?

  • It's like an address
  • Tells you where a book (or other item) is located on the shelf
  • Represents the content of the book based on a specific classification system

During Summer 2017, Daemen College switched from the Dewey Decimal Classification System to the Library of Congress Classification System.

Use the links below to convert between Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal Classification Systems:

Library of Congress in a Nutshell!

  • First developed in late 19th and early 20th centuries to organize book collections in the Library of Congress
  • Uses a combination of letters and numbers to group items by their subject content
  • Divides all knowledge into 21 basic concepts, which are further divided into subclasses

What does this mean? It means that when looking at a book on the shelf, the books around it will be on the same or a similar topic.

Reading a Call Number

Note: Call numbers are read line by line, top to bottom.

LCC Main Classes

A -- General Works

B -- Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

C -- Auxiliary Sciences of History

D -- World History (except American History)

E -- American History

F -- Local History of the United States and British, Dutch, French, and Latin America

G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H -- Social Sciences

J -- Political Science

K -- Law

L -- Education

M -- Music

N -- Fine Arts

P -- Language and Literature

Q -- Science

R -- Medicine

S -- Agriculture

T -- Technology

U -- Military Science

V -- Naval Science

Z -- Bibliography, Library Science