What is Daemen Digital Commons?

Daemen Digital Commons (DDC) is the institutional repository of the University. The function of the repository is to document and provide access to the research, scholarship, and creative works produced by the Daemen community. The versatile platform also serves as a place to host digital collections from the University Archives. DDC is administered by Daemen Library. For more information, please see our FAQs below or contact jdion@daemen.edu


Any individual affiliated with a Daemen University unit – departments, offices, institutes, centers, etc. – can contribute content to Digital Commons.

There are several advantages to depositing scholarly work with Digital Commons:

  • Increase visibility of faculty and student scholarship and Daemen University as a whole
  • Make research free and open to all; no more publisher paywalls
  • Allow for long-term preservation and accessibility of scholarly work
  • Showcase scholarly work that is underserved by traditional publishing models
  • Support teaching and research

Social networking sites such as ResearchGate and academia.edu are commercial sites with for-profit business models that don’t guarantee long-term preservation of your work. These websites put the burden of determining copyright status and self-archiving rights on the author. Copyright law is complicated. If works on these sites are found to violate copyright protections, it could leave them at risk of takedown notices or litigation.

Daemen Digital Commons is maintained by librarians who not only provide accurate, more robust metadata about your scholarship, but also serve as copyright liaisons. We’ll check publisher permissions for you and figure out what version you’re allowed to archive. Daemen Digital Commons is more than a platform – it is a service.

Daemen Digital Commons supports a variety of intellectual output, including journal articles, book chapters, pre-prints, working papers, presentations, posters, creative works, media files (both audio and video), and other representations of scholarly work. The preferred file format is .pdf (when appropriate), but other file formats are also accepted.

To contribute content to Digital Commons, please email jdion@daemen.edu to begin the process.

Yes, you can submit work to Daemen Digital Commons yourself after receiving the necessary permissions to do so. Please contact jdion@daemen.edu if you’re interested in submitting work yourself.

The copyright holders retain all rights, title, copyright, and other interest in the materials submitted to the repository. Contributors submitting materials acknowledge, to the best of their knowledge, that they have requisite permissions to make the content available on the repository and that the submission does not infringe upon anyone else’s copyright.

The Library will assist with identifying copyright status, self-archiving rights granted by individual journals, and obtaining copyright clearance (when possible) for any published works.