Getting Started

This guide lists electronic and print resources that will be useful for researching Global Environmental Issues & History.

Navigating This Guide

Use the tabs on the left to navigate through this guide and access specific resources. What resources to choose depends on where you are in the research process.

If you are new to researching a particular environmental issue or need to brush up on basic facts and concepts (who, what, where, when) then it is a good idea to start your research with Background / Reference Sources. These will introduce you to key concepts, events, and debates. Knowing these will help you do effective article research. 

Books are useful when you need an extensive overview of a subject. They synthesize a wide range of research but may not be up to date. 

Article Databases will be most useful if you have a specific research question and/or are looking for the most recent research. Individual academic article will be narrow in scope but deep in their treatment of their subject.