Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators give us options for how we combine search terms. They use the terms AND, OR and NOT to determine a relationship between the words you are searching for.

The results will return only records that contain both the word chocolate and the word cake. This would be useful if you were looking for a recipe for a chocolate cake. The operator AND narrows your search.

The results will return any record that the word chocolate or the word cake. It will return results that have just one of the terms or both of the terms together. This would be helpful if you were looking for a variety of desserts within the categories of chocolate or cake. The operator OR broadens your search.

This search will return results that contain the word chocolate but will exclude those that include the word cake. This would be useful if you aren't interested in cake, but you want information about chocolates. If it's a recipe for chocolate cake, it will not show up. The operator NOT narrows your search.

Note: You may manually type AND, OR, & NOT in a single search box, or you may separate your terms using multiple text boxes with drop menus to clarify your operator, as seen in the example below. Capitalization is recommended for visual clarity, but not required.